31 August 2013



1 cup short grained sushi rice
3 tbsp rice vinegar
1/2 tsp salt/sugar
2 cups water
3 nori (roasted seaweed) sheets
bamboo sushi rolling mat
1 carrot (peeled and cut into matchsticks)
1/2 avocado (thinly sliced)
1/2 cucumber (peeled and cut into matchsticks)
1/2 yellow bell pepper (cut into matchsticks)
1/3 zucchini (cut into matchsticks)
pickled ginger
soy sauce
wasabi paste


rice preparation::
rinse and drain the rice. place the rice and water into a medium saucepan and cover with lid. bring to a boil and cook until the water in absorbed (about 15 min). remove the rice from heat and set aside for 15 min.
transfer it into a medium bowl, add vinegar, salt and sugar and gently mix with a flat spoon. cover and let it cool.

to make the rolls::
place bamboo mat with the slats running crosswise on a clean working surface. lay a sheet of nori shiny side down and lined up with the closest edge of the mat. spread evenly about 1/3 of the rice on the nori, with 4 cm uncovered at the far edge and 2 cm border on each long side. line up the fillings about 3 cm from closest near edge, evenly across the rice.
beginning with the closest end of the mat tightly roll up the nori, rice and fillings into a cylinder. press the roll firmly inside the bamboo roller. open the mat, dab unsealed edge of nori with a bit of water and roll the sushi forward to seal. repeat with remaining rice and fillings.
transfer rolls to a plate, cover with a damp towel and place into a fridge.
cut each sushi roll into 8 pieces with a sharp knife.
serve with a bowl of soy sauce for dipping, wasabi and pickled ginger.