23 April 2012



orange peel from min 1 kg oranges
brown sugar
2 tbsp lemon juice
ginger root


place the orange peel into a big bowl, cover with water and leave for min 12h (max 2 days). change the water at least once while soaking.
remove the white pith from the orange peel and cut it into small cubes (0.5 cm).
put it into a large pot and cover with water. bring to boil over a high heat. boil for 30 min or until the peel is soft. drain, rinse and drain again.
add sugar (enough to cover the peel and depending on your preferences) and some ginger root (quantity depends on your taste preference) cut into small cubes and lemon juice. bring to boil over a medium heat. keep stirring to dissolve sugar and reduce the heat. simmer for another 15 min.

leave until its cool. bring to boil and simmer for 15 min while stirring. the peel should be covered with the syrup, if needed add some sugar and lemon juice. 
leave it to cool and place into jars. 
store in a dry and cool place. once open keep in a fridge.
you can use it for backing or as a simple dessert accompanied with a good green tea. 


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